The Jordan's Corner mission is to positively affect children with special needs through boxing and fitness classes that promote health and wellness, consistency - through a set schedule of activities, following directions, adult and peer interaction and socialization, and positivity. 

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Since 2010, Jordan's Corner has been offering a Saturday afternoon boxing and fitness program to children with special needs. The program is named after Jordan Falcon, who was diagnosed with epilepsy at a young age. 

Jordan's friends and family witnessed the positive effects boxing and fitness had on his coordination, socialization with others, and overall well-being. The transformation with Jordan was so impressive, they knew other children of various needs would benefit from the program. 

With the support of many, we launched our first weekly class and, due to a high demand, added a second. We have now almost doubled enrollment.

We thank Jordan and his family for the opportunity to create an organization that helps so many children. Jordan, you are a leader, and we will forever be grateful to you!