With the help of our volunteers/instructors, our boxers...

    • Enhance their motor skills through routine and consistent exercises
    • Socialize with other children with special needs
    • Improve their coordination and balance through boxing drills 
    • Learn mantras of discipline, respect, kindness and self-control 



    Once in the gym, boxers will have time to acclimate to their environment and instructors, then they will participate in the following activities: 

    • Hand Wrapping
    • Introduction, including Daily Mantra
    • Warm up jog/warm up drills, including high knees, shuffle, skipping
    • Obstacles including flat surface ladder walkthrough, cones, and step up on stairs
    • Drills, including pushing sled, modified jump rope, and foam drill
    • Boxing form instruction, including shadow boxing
    • Bag work
    • Pad work with foam sticks and/or mitts
    • Playful sparring, including touching/tapping only
    • Core exercises including sit-ups, twists and planks



    interested in joining?

    Jordan's Corner offers two sessions a year, one in the fall and one in the spring. Each session consists of 12 Saturday Classes. 

    PRICE: $200/session